Someday in December last year I was laying on the couch even though I had lots of stuff to do for University exams and assignments. Do you know the feeling when you are 4 episodes deep in a new Netflix show and this silent, but recognizable voice in your head tells you what an unproductive little prick you are? What do you do in a moment like this?

On any other day I would’ve hit “Yes” when Netflix asks if I’m still watching but not on this day. I knew I had to change something. I knew I have to…

Photo by James Harrison on Unsplash

Every developer has been there: you start coding and finally when you reach your flow state, in which you are the most productive, you have to look up usually simple things like a built-in function call or syntax of your used programming language.

And poof! There goes the flow state as you try to find the Stack Overflow post you used for the exact same thing the last time. So how can you make sure that this happened the last time?

I found that the most useful thing to do is to practise those few function calls and code-snippets daily…

Sandro Zoebinger

Engineering Student, coder, part time entrepreneur and productivity hacker based in Austria

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